Pressure Point

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3: EP3: Leveraging Employee Data for Enhanced Well-being and Organizational Experience with John Brodie

In this episode of Pressure Point, Alon sits down with human capital business consultant John Brodie to explore the role of HC professionals in integrating employee data for the improvement of well-being and overall organizational experience. They delve into the power of data insights and actions in driving sustainable employee effectiveness and productivity.


  • How has your experience as a human capital business consultant influenced your perspective on the importance of employee well-being in organizations?
  • What specific experiences or insights have shaped your thinking on the role of employee well-being in driving organizational success?
  • In your opinion, how can organizations effectively prioritize and integrate employee well-being into their overall business strategy?
  • Could you share any personal anecdotes or instances where you witnessed the positive impact of prioritizing employee well-being in a business setting?