Pressure Point

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19: Ep.19: Pressure Point - Leading with Connection to Enhance Workplace Well-Being

Alon Lits is joined by Navasha Chetty as they explores the essential role of leadership connectivity in promoting workplace well-being. Navasha offers deep insights into how leaders can forge stronger bonds with their teams, creating a supportive and thriving work environment. This discussion is packed with actionable tips for leaders looking to enhance their impact on employee morale and organizational health.

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18: Ep.18: Pressure Point - Marge Mantjie on the Intersection of Mental Health and Performance Psychology

Pressure Point focuses on the critical intersection of mental health and performance psychology, highlighting the essential role of leadership in fostering environments that support both well-being and peak performance. Our aim is to tackle these important issues, offer practical strategies for leaders, and encourage executive support to prioritize mental fitness as a key to achieving individual and organizational success.

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17: Ep.17: Pressure Point - Marko Stavrou on Translating Gen Z for Companies

In this weeks episode, Alon is joined by Marko Stavrou, an expert at translating Gen Zā€™s unique language and needs for companies. We delve into why understanding and adapting to Gen Z is crucial for modern organizations, highlighting their potential and addressing their distinct challenges. Discover practical strategies for engaging this generation, fostering innovation, and creating a workplace that resonates with their values and aspirations.

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12: EP12: Zameer Amed

Join Alon and Zameer, as he shares his invaluable insights on the power of reskilling and upskilling employees with new technologies, emphasizing that intellectual property is an asset you simply can't purchase.

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9: EP9: Entrepreneurship

Join Alon and Mike as they exploring the dual journey of business leaders' mental health, entrepreneurship and being a business owner

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8: EP8: Embracing digital transformation

Join Alon and Bridgette as they address the critical role of digital transformation in Human Resources (HR), emphasizing the use of technology to enhance efficiency, employee experience, and data-driven decision-making.

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7: EP7: The Growth Mindset

Join Alon and Sungeetha as they discuss the importance of pivoting your skillset, learning, unlearning and relearning, evaluating your skills for now and 5 years from now.

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6: EP6: Hyper Growth Environments

In this episode, Alon and Cindy, CHRO nominee and The VP of People at Makosi, highlight the significance of communication, trust, authenticity, and diversity in building a successful and inclusive organization. Cindy's experience at Makosi demonstrates the positive impact of these qualities on employee engagement and overall company growth.

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5: EP5: Africa at work: Building a reinvention-ready workforce

In this Episode, Alon chats with Levern, Associate Director at PWC, about new perspectives on building a workforce ready for business reinvention in Africa based on a survey of over 11,000 respondents across 5 countries. This covers financial struggles, desire for flexibility, and lack of skills focus, which are key challenges while interest in learning and AI opportunities provide optimism.

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