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5: EP5: Africa at work: Building a reinvention-ready workforce

In this Episode, Alon chats with Levern, Associate Director at PWC, about new perspectives on building a workforce ready for business reinvention in Africa based on a survey of over 11,000 respondents across 5 countries. This covers financial struggles, desire for flexibility, and lack of skills focus, which are key challenges while interest in learning and AI opportunities provide optimism.


  • How do you engage and inspire your people—especially those lagging behind?
  • How do you enable your culture to be a catalyst for change enabling employees to thrive?
  • How do you nurture employee interest in AI?
  • How do you drive a work environment that creates personalization given that is the era we are in with the employees personalisation is terms of total reward, total wellbeing, career growth?
  • What are some of the unique workforce challenges companies face when doing business in Africa? How can companies adapt their strategies to build an agile, resilient workforce?