Pressure Point

Insights into the future of HR and high performance mental fitness


15: EP15: Pressure Point - Biohacker and health futurist: Steve Stavs

Listen to our latest episode featuring Alon Lits and Heidi Kornmuller from Coronation Fund Managers (CFM), as they discuss the nuanced barriers that female candidates face in the investment industry.


  • In this episode, we discuss how reactive approaches to employee wellness are often only treating symptoms and are not preventing issues. It is estimated that presenteeism is costing a staggering R100,000 per employee each year. This highlights the need to explore new and innovative approaches.
  • Steve helps his clients identify issues using data which he uses to create tailored solutions to enable them to lead a healthier lifestyle. This approach not only helps corporations manage their health strategies more effectively but also emphasizes the importance of preventive measures over mere symptom treatment.
  • We also cover essential wellness pillars such as the importance of quality sleep, exercise and proper nutrition, which are fundamental for sustaining true performance.