Pressure Point

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17: Ep.17: Pressure Point - Marko Stavrou on Translating Gen Z for Companies

In this weeks episode, Alon is joined by Marko Stavrou, an expert at translating Gen Z’s unique language and needs for companies. We delve into why understanding and adapting to Gen Z is crucial for modern organizations, highlighting their potential and addressing their distinct challenges. Discover practical strategies for engaging this generation, fostering innovation, and creating a workplace that resonates with their values and aspirations.


  • 📈 Tackling Gen Z's high entitlement and resilience stats
  • ğŸŽ“ Bridging the gap between university and workplace with essential skills
  • 👥 The power of mentorship in guiding Gen Z's career journey
  • 🌐 Cultivating a mentor-rich, experience-based graduate program
  • 🔄 Unpacking Gen Z's self-benchmarking & the vital need for HONEST, OPEN, FEEDBACK
  • 💼 Why job application feedback is a must for Gen Z’s personal development