Pressure Point

Insights into the future of HR and high performance mental fitness


18: Ep.18: Pressure Point - Marge Mantjie on the Intersection of Mental Health and Performance Psychology

Pressure Point focuses on the critical intersection of mental health and performance psychology, highlighting the essential role of leadership in fostering environments that support both well-being and peak performance. Our aim is to tackle these important issues, offer practical strategies for leaders, and encourage executive support to prioritize mental fitness as a key to achieving individual and organizational success.


  • Flexibility & Trust: Empower your team by measuring performance based on output, not hours, creating a culture of trust and accountability. 🔄
  • Accountability: Maintain high performance through clear mutual expectations and regular check-ins, even in remote settings. 🎯
  • Leadership Evolution: Modern leaders must enhance their interpersonal and soft skills to support their teams effectively, blending work and personal life considerations. 👥
  • Effective Communication: Use innovative communication strategies, like non-business town halls, to maintain and safeguard organizational culture. 🗣️