Pressure Point

Insights into the future of HR and high performance mental fitness


19: Ep.19: Pressure Point - Leading with Connection to Enhance Workplace Well-Being

Alon Lits is joined by Navasha Chetty as they explores the essential role of leadership connectivity in promoting workplace well-being. Navasha offers deep insights into how leaders can forge stronger bonds with their teams, creating a supportive and thriving work environment. This discussion is packed with actionable tips for leaders looking to enhance their impact on employee morale and organizational health.


  • Importance of Understanding Human Nature: Emphasizes the necessity for HR professionals to go beyond qualifications and truly understand the core of human nature to support individuals effectively.
  • Leadership Connection with Employees: Discusses the common issue of leaders failing to connect with their teams and how this can hinder business success. Stresses that relationship-building is crucial for both profitability and individual performance.
  • Strategic Employee Well-being: Advocates for making employee well-being a central part of post-COVID strategy. Suggests that economic downturns and personal challenges significantly affect employees, and leaders must address these through empathetic engagement.
  • Utilization of October Health: Highlights the integration of the October Health platform at JSE, urging leaders to leverage this tool for better understanding and supporting their teams.
  • Building a Supportive Culture: Focuses on the necessity of creating a supportive culture where mistakes are understood and managed constructively. Introduces the "Archeology of culture" as a method to delve deep into the organization's history to foster a positive and inclusive work environment.
  • Employee Integration and Value: Details how to create a workplace where every employee feels they contribute significantly to the organization's goals, drawing parallels to how even the janitor at NASA feels part of taking people to the moon.