Pressure Point

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20: Ep.20: Pressure Point - Creating Harmony at Work: Yael Rosen's Guide to a Balanced Workplace

Ever wondered how to create a balanced workplace? Dive into this weeks episode with Yael Rosen, who shares a comprehensive approach to fostering a workplace environment that perfectly balances the needs of both business and employees.


  • Integration of People and Processes: Emphasizes the critical link between people and processes in business, highlighting the necessity to understand and harmonize both for success.
  • Communication and Transparency: Stresses the importance of clear communication and transparency in managing changes and transformations within an organization.
  • Empathetic Leadership and Accountability: Discusses the role of empathetic leadership in understanding and supporting team members, balanced with maintaining accountability through honest feedback.
  • Diversity and Individualized Approaches: Recognizes the diverse needs within a workplace, advocating for tailored approaches to effectively motivate teams and drive the right culture.
  • Recognition and Motivation: Details the significance of recognizing employee efforts in daily operations and how meaningful feedback can enhance motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Balancing High Performance with Lifestyle: Describes the balance between driving high performance and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, emphasizing clarity of goals and employee autonomy.